Device Compatibility

With COUNTERPOINT Cloud Platform, we're commited to offering you the best experience possible as on many devices as we can get our hands on. Whether it means supporting your office computer, laptop, phone, tablet, or watch - we've worked hard to provide compatibility for all the current devices we could find.

If you can see white space at the ends of the line that follows this paragraph, the monitor you are using is fully supported. If you can not see white space at the end of the lines, most of the resources you can access will still be functional - it just might take some extra work to find some of your data.

Modular Design

From the begining, COUNTERPOINT Cloud Platform was designed to be modular. Each section of the platform has a clear purpose - optimizing your workflow and getting you to the data you need. From sales performance to tracking customer relations you can even enable and disable modules on a per-user basis, giving you ultimate control over the access you grant to your staff.
Your home for sales analytics and progress tracking.
One-on-one tracking with your individual customers.
Counter Message
Quick, email-based communication to get things done.
E-Cat Analysis
Analysis and trends straight from your catalogue.
Resource Centre
File sharing to keep your staff up to date.
Email-based analytics delivered straight to your inbox.
Report Generator
Build your own reports, to fit your own analytics needs.
Stay in control of your users, and your data.

Safe, Secure, and Reliable

We understand how important your data and your privacy is to you. With the constant news of new data leaks, security breaches, and phishing schemes we've put security front and center within the COUNTERPOINT Cloud Platform.
All traffic sent between you and the COUNTERPOINT Cloud Platform is securely encrypted to ensure nobody can steal the information while its in transit. This includes every call that we make internally. Your browser will always tell you that your connection is secure when you're on the COUNTERPOINT Cloud Platform, because we've taken every step we can to ensure that is is, regardless of where you're connecting from.
Unlike most websites, COUNTERPOINT Cloud Platform employs zero third party tracking agents. No Google Analytics, or any other analytics service. This means that the data you input stays within the system, and there is no external agent hosting your data. The only people who will ever see your data belong to AMS.
Automatic error detection. Think you've encountered an error? Chances are, we're already working on it. If you manage to break something within the COUNTERPOINT Cloud Platform we'll send you an email (up to one every 30 minutes) so that you know we're aware of the problem, and get to work on solving it. No phone calls, no ticket systems, and you're back up and running as soon as possible. 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

Questions? Concerns? Inquiries?

For all forms of inquiries into COUNTERPOINT Cloud Platform, or Counterpoint/Any of our other services, contact us below.